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How can I register my school?


It’s easy. Fill out the application form on the home page. Should your application be successful one of our team members will be in touch.

I’m a parent, can I still register the school my children attend?


Please notify your school about the SSA School Grants. The appropriate staff at the school must complete the form

What qualifications do your coaches have?


Sport Star Academy coaches have the appropriate accreditations and qualifications in their respective sport. All our staff and coaches are also working with children checked.

Why can I only select one sport?


Sport Star Academy deliver skill based sport programs. This means our coaching staff are qualified in their respective sport. Our coaches are not qualified to deliver multi-sport sessions.

When will the programs be delivered?


Sport Star Academy will deliver the sport programs within a 12-month period.

How will I know my school has been accepted for the SSA grant?


Should your grant be successful, a Sport Star Academy representative will contact you via email or phone